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Tel. 0131 664 1202 - e-mail: colin@meninchildcare.com

Men in Childcare is a registered charity no. SCO38642 - Funded by The Scottish Government and City of Edinburgh Council


Frequently Asked Questions

I have been accepted on to the Men in Childcare introductory course, what happens now?
Once you have been accepted on to the course you will be sent details of the start date and time and which College you will be attending, representatives from Men in Childcare will meet with you on the opening night, to tell you more about the project and discuss any questions you may have.

How long does the introductory course last and who pays for it?
The course will run for approximately 16 weeks on a one evening per week basis, usually from 6;30pm until 8;30pm. You will study for two certificated half modules. Should you decide to leave after this, these modules can be banked for future reference, in other words they are your proof of learning ability should you decide to continue at a later date. Men in Childcare pay for all the Introductory course costs, we do not pay for transport or subsistence.

What happens after the introductory course?
After completion of the Intro, you will then move on to the Fastrack, this is a further two/three modules in childcare which again is done on an evening basis and once again funded by Men in Childcare as with the Intro class, if you feel that you have achieved all that you wish by doing the Fast Track course, you can stop there safe in the knowledge that on completion you will receive you certification from the SQA and should you wish to continue at a later date you can do so. Before you are allowed to go on placement in any school or early learning centre you will have completed your disclosure more of which will have been explained to you on the opening night of the introductory class.


I want to continue to HNC full qualification will Men in Childcare fund this ?
First of all we must emphasise that completion of the Fast Track course does not in itself guarantee a place on the HNC course.You will be interviewed as every student is, by the College concerned to establish your suitability. Most interviewees are successful but as we say, there are no guarantees. Anyway back to the funding question! The simple answer is if you are eligible for SAAS funding then your course costs will be met by this method. If you are unable to obtain SAAS funding, you may be eligible for an ILA account which would contribute £500 toward your course fees and Men in Childcare would meet the shortfall. If you are unable to obtain both SAAS or an ILA Men in Childcare will meet your full HNC course fees, in other words you will not pay any HNC course fees.

Am I guaranteed a job after completion of the HNC ?
As with every job in the market, though qualified, you still have to go through the application and interview process, how you fare on that interview is at this stage up to you, however, we are looking into job interview techniques training and how we can help, maybe you can contact us for advice prior to that all important interview!
In an ideal world, we would love to hand you a job as soon as you have completed your course, but guess what ?