Men in Childcare and Education Canada

Ron Blatz (one of the Men in Early Childhood Education (MECE) Leadership
members with the World Forum Foundation) is the main contact in Canada at the present time. Ron works out of the city of Winnipeg where he manages his province's (Manitoba) largest Early Childhood Centre called Discovery Centre. Discovery believes gender balance is good for young children and at present is proud to be the employer of 15 male and 35 female staff. The 30% male staff at Discovery stand in sharp contrast to the 3-4% male staff employed throughout Canada's Early Childhood community.

A provincial group known as the MECE gathers together in Winnipeg four to five times per year. The MECE group of Manitoba get together to provide men a place of connect with other men who share their line of work, and after sharing a meal together the men encourage their female counterparts to join them in the more formal part of the meeting where issues surrounding the role of Men in ECE are discussed. The MECE group of Manitoba would encourage a similar group to spring up in all major urban centres throughout Canada. Please let us know if we can in any way help make that happen.

Ron has also started a "Club 2-10" list where he encourages Centre Directors to add their programs name to a growing number of centres who have committed themselves to the goals of Club 2-10. These goals are to do everything in their power to employ at least 2 men while striving to hit the 10% male compliment by the end of the year 2010.

For further information or to sign up for Club 2-10 please contact Ron
Blatz at

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