MIB Menn i barnehager Norway

Why has Norway given high priority to getting more men working in kindergarten? We are concerned about most children only meeting women during their first 10 to 12 years first in barnehage, then in school and school-age child care. What will be the long term effects, including for gender equality. What signal does that give young girls and boys about gender roles

The numbers of male preschool teachers are increasing each year. We have still to reach our immediate goal of 20 percent men, but have increased from 3 percent in 1991 to 10 percent in 2008. A large increase in services during this time means more men working has not been at the cost of jobs for women.

Several municipalities, working seriously in this field, have up to 25 percent male workers, while in open air barnehager, men make up a third of the staff. We also have a lot more male students, some colleges having more than 20 per cent and one with more than 30 per cent. We used to say that the goal is when a male bus driver says to his colleagues that he is very pleased if his son plans to be a preschool teacher. We are not there yet, far from it. But we are moving, and in the right direction.