The League of Open Men Czech Republic

The League of Open Men - LOM

A non-profit organisation promoting the development of the male identity.
Our aim is to create a model of men supporting other men.


We offer ongoing reflections on male identity in contemporary society.

We support men in developing a sense of openness, courage and responsibility.

We promote gender sensitivity towards both sexes.

We defend men against stereotypes, prejudice and doctrines.

We aim to create the conditions for men to help each other and themselves.


Dad´s Know How 
Supporting awareness and competence of men in everyday child care in family.
Men in school!  Supporting men working as professionals and volunteers  in all kind of educational institutions.
Men to Men !  Promoting men´s self-supporting model.


Collecting and distributing information on the life of men in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Professional seminars, cultural events, surveys, discussions, articles on men’s issues.

Dialogue with women and women’s organisations, collaboration on the realisation of activities and projects for equal opportunities.

Workshops for men.

Programmes for “little men” – children and teenagers

Consultation and therapeutic support for men during difficult life situations.

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