Men in Childcare and Education New Zealand

In New Zealand their has been a number of successes in recruiting Men to work in Early Education. The most notable of these has been the Maori language being promoted in early years and a number of men are working in Early Years to promote this.

A National Network for Men in Early Childhood Education (New Zealand)

To promote Early Childhood Education as a great career for men

To network with other men involved in Early Childhood Education

To support men in the early childhood education sector and those in training

To promote the role of men as carers and educators of children

To collect and promote research in relation to men in early childhood care and education.

To research and disseminate the benefits to children of having males as educators and care givers

To advocate on behalf of men involved within the Early Childhood Sector within New Zealand/Aotearoa

To lobby for initiatives to increase numbers of men teaching in early childhood education.

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