Men in Childcare and Education

This site aims to bring together examples of men working in Early Years around the world, our intention is to help increase the number of men in early years and increase the communication between these groups.

There are many examples of good practice including Norway where almost 10% of the Early Years workforce are men, Scotland where there has been recruitment campaigns since 2001 and over 1500 men have undergone some childcare training. New Zealand has regular annual conferences and some of the best paid and best qualified teachers, Belgium has ran various campaigns to try to reduce the gender imbalance. There are many other examples of which we have provided under each of the country heading.

There has been very little work undertaken to develope a global approach the work that has generated the greatest success has been the work undertaken by the World Forum to set up a global network of those interested in encouraging men to work in early years both in childcare and education and our aim is to promote others to join this network.

Early years is one of the most gendered occupations other than a few notable exceptions most countries early years workforce sits at around 2% it is our aim to try and improve this and also to support those men working in the field.

The World Forum Network has a growing number of partners and each continent has its own representatives

The History
This Network has its foundation in the World Forums Working Group on Men In Early Childhood Education group and in the work undertaken in European Men in Childcare Network.

The Working Forum on Men in Early Childhood Education is being organized by the Leadership Team of the Working Group on Men in Early Childhood Education with the support of the World Forum Foundation.

The World Forums Working Team's Membership

Members of the Leadership Team of the Working Group on Men in Early Childhood Education are listed below.

At Large

Don Piburn, United States
Jerry Parr, United States

North America

Ron Blatz, Canada
Kekoa Harman, United States


Kenny Spence, United Kingdom
Jan Peeters, Belgium


Rev. MacDonald Sembereka, Malawi
Henry Manani, Kenya


Craig d'Arcy, Australia
Te Tuhi Robust, New Zealand


Andrew Ikupu, Papua New Guinea
Sven Coppens,


Bryan G. Nelson, United States

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